Teaching Reviews!


Maya Apr 13, 2017
Flute · In studio
My daughter just tarted the flute.
She likes these classes a lot!

Rita Apr 13, 2017
Clarinet · In studio
Our daughter Sophie has clarinet lessons with Gleb since half a year. She loves it, Gleb is absolutely passionate about music and teaches her a lot from classic to jazz. He has lots of positive energy and really encourages Sophie.

Yura Apr 12, 2017
Saxophone · In home
Gleb is a great sasophone and clarinet teacher! He has great talent to explaining, to let student to feel the instrument!

Kasum Apr 12, 2017
Music Theory · In studio
Thank you Gleb for your support and sharing experience !

Margarita Apr 12, 2017
Saxophone · In home
Gleb has only been teaching my son the saxophone for 6 months and he’s already playing solos at his school concerts. Gleb plays along with him to show him any mistakes he makes and shows him what’s he’s doing wrong. He’s very knowledgeable in music theory and doesn’t just know music, he feels the notes he plays. I’m very glad I found Gleb to be my son’s saxophone teacher.

Louise Apr 12, 2017
Saxophone · In studio
Gleb has a been a really great teacher for my son! He is really nice and motivates my son to practice and to become a better saxophone player. My son’s technique has also improved a lot since he started taking lessons with Gleb. He pays attention to detail and has helped us purchase the correct mouthpiece and reeds.

Ann M. Oct 4, 2015
Saxophone · In home
Gleb is an excellent teacher. He is an accomplished musician and was patient and thorough during the lesson.

Ed Manzi Oct 4, 2015
Saxophone · In studio
I’m just starting but already very excited to continue with Gleb.

Shimon F. Aug 28, 2015
Clarinet · In home
Gleb is extremely patientful and nice!! He always creates a nice atmosphere and really does a good job in teaching!!

Alexey S. Aug 13, 2015
Clarinet · In studio
I am so satisfied with this wonderful teacher, real pro, i would recommend him to all students with no doubt. wow so much fun!!!

Alisa M. Aug 11, 2015
Clarinet · In studio
Dedicated Teacher with patience. My experience has been overwhelmingly positive and effective.

Alisa M. Aug 11, 2015
Clarinet · In studio
A very patient teacher, great contact with young students. Great results.

main d. tork Jul 15, 2015
Saxophone · In home
Gleb has deep understanding of music theory and whats arguably more important – he knows how to convey this knowledge in a form that fits personality of a student.
He reveals strong and strengthens weak sides in a laid back, stress-free fashion. Lessons are fun and results are astonishing. Looking forward to spend more time with him.

Mike D. Jul 15, 2015
Saxophone · In studio
Gleb is a very skilled professional musician, and yet he’s a caring individual that would never make you feel intimidated, which is especially important for a novice like myself 🙂 His lessons are fun, his rates are reasonable, and he truly puts his heart into teaching process. Every time I walk out from his lesson feeling I’ve progressed one step further. Highly recommended.

Michael C. Mar 23, 2015
Saxophone · In studio
Gleb is a very skilled and patient teacher that has made taking lessons fun and enjoyable. His lesson plans are well thought out and I always leave feeling like I have learned something new after each lesson. Gleb is a great guy and I highly recommend him.